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The keys to Kindle publishing success are the right niche targeting, proper tags, winning content, and a winning cover. Successful Kindle publishers lean on this formula to produce one winning book after another. Unfortunately, there is one key reality too many Kindle publishers ignore: People do judge books by their covers!

You need to pay attention to your cover. Your cover acts as a gateway to the value your book brings to the table. This book lists the four top common problems of loser Kindle books. Learn from these mistakes and start getting the sales you deserve.

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My goal is simple….

I want to enable you to do big things online, it all starts by breaking down the complexities of branding and marketing your business online. It doesn’t matter if you’re are just starting out, a veteran Internet Marketer or an established business owner in your local community, you can always benefit from increasing your brand image and visibility online.

Always being fascinated by the art and science of sales, the presentation, the psychology behind making a sale, making a living as an online marketer and service provider for the past 15 years has not only been a passion but a lifestyle choice.

If you would like to know more about me, Internet Marketing or making money while working from home online, please visit my website at and sign up for my informative newsletter.

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